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Advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+

Social networks provide millions of potentional clients. An average user spends two hours on social networks everyday, during which they read the newest messages from their friends and groups and spends time on applications. Facebook is the ideal space for advertisements.

Pros of social network advertising:

  • relatively low cost of clicking/viewing
  • tools for returning the potentional clients to a website
  • the ability to create awareness about a service or product in a target group
  • the ability of showing your advert to a certain target group(gender, age, location, social standing)

Improving the ranking in search engines Seznam and Google

Optimalization for search engines or SEO means a series of measures for improving the standing of websites in the results of internet search engines after entering a keywords. SEO includes activites and services, which websites adjust to the requirements of search engines and gives them higher ranking.

Pros of SEO:

  • SEO of websites can highly reduce the cost of advertising, bringing the customers from internet search engines
  • the trust of potentional clients, thanks to the ranking of your websites among the first results of search engines

PPC advertising in search engines Google/Seznam

PPC advertising is currently one of the most used methods of bringing customers to a website. It consists of small offers, which show up in results and guarantee increasing visitor numbers of a target group.

Pros of contextual advertising:

  • high efficiency- PPC advertising brings more clients than other types of advertisements
  • mesurability of the results- PPC advertising enables an exact calculation of return on investments
  • quick setting- the first customers may come within 15 minutes
  • flexibility- PPC advertising enables instant reaction to seasonal changes of demand, advertise special offers etc.

Linkbuilding and registration to relevant catalogs

The linkbuilding strategy is a long-term plan of actions, with which we try to reach an increasement of the number of relevant visitors from organic search results.
Thanks to getting new links from websites, the website recieves better rating in search engines and with that we can expect the increase of the number of visitors also from that source. Another effect can be the increase of visitors by relevant websites (discussions, blogs, etc.).

Pros of linkbuilding:

  • improvement of the ranking of the website in the long term
  • more visitors of the web site
  • relatively cheap service

Retargeting and returning the customer to the website

Remarketing is a method of targeting an internet advertisement, which is offered by the application Google AdWords. Google AdWords specializes in PPC advertising campaigns. Remarketing is one of the options of contacting one target group, which has already visited your web site in the past. Unlike other types of PPC advertising, remarketing has much better results.

Pros of retargeting:

  • dynamic retargeting enables to send the customer back to a certain product and after the order, to stop diplaying the ad
  • it’s also possible to set up a way to show customers the advertisements with seasonal offers of products

Web analytics and A/B testing

A/B is the most precise method of checking the effect of optimalizing focusing. During the testing, two options of websites show up to the customer. The reason is to find out, which option works better and has better conversion ratio. The final result isn’t affected by subjective opinion, but comes from statistical data.

The pros of web analytics:

  • with easy testing you can increase the effectivity of websites by tens of percent
  • web analytics help to get to know the customers better, thanks to this you can offer then exactly what they want and need

E-mail marketing

Ingelligent email marketing is one of the quickest growing services in the online marketing sphere. It enables and increase of income, frequency and value of orders from the existing customers.

Pros of e-mail marketing:

  • newsletter is a wonderful tool to inform clients about special offers and also increase the interest of your products.

Connecting the e-shop to portals Heureka and Aukro has an average visit rate of over 2 200 000 monthly users ready to shop online. You couldn’t find a better target group. is trying to offer their clients full information about products- their specifications, reviews, pictures, help section. Easy browsing and filtering the results is a matter of course. You won’t find a better place to present your store.

Pros of connecting your e-shop with the portal Heureka/Aukro:

  • many new visitors of your e-shop
  • loyalty to the e-shop thanks to the reviews and rating of customers
  • new possibilities of advertising for your products on a large portal

Dynamic remarketing

Remarketing allows you to show ads to people who have previously visited your website or used your mobile app. Dynamic remarketing takes this a step further, letting you show previous visitors ads that contain products and services they viewed on your site.
With messages tailored to your audience, dynamic remarketing helps you build leads and sales by bringing previous visitors back to your site to complete what they started.

Pros of dynamic remarketing:

  • advertisements exactly made to the needs of your products or services
  • a strong tool for marketing of e-shops
  • highly relevant content created by basing it on the experience of previous visits of the website visitor

Improving the ranking in search engines for internet shops

The goal of SEO is to reach the highest possible positions in an e-shop in the search results without paying internet search engines. Thanks to SEO, many more potentional clients will visit. With that will grow the visit rate, number of orders, sales, turnover and profit.

Pros of SEO:

  • increasing visit rates
  • time and financial saving
  • loyalty to the e-shop

Product Listing Ads also known as product campaigns

Advertisements with product information give your e-shop a new possibility of recieving new orders. That is with investing way smaller costs.
Product Listing Ads are search ads that include richer product information, such as product image, price and merchant name, without requiring additional keywords or ad text. Product Listing Ads are charged on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis, which means that you only pay when a user clicks your ad and completes a purchase on your site.

Pros of PLA and product campaign:

  • you advertise only currently available products from your offer
  • always current price of offer, because this piece of information comes straight from the e-shop

Branding and viral advertising

Branding represents a series of all the things which lead to building a successful brand. It includes the creation of the name, logo (color combination, symbols, etc.), slogan, claim (product slogan), its ranking, the choice of the way of communitacting with clients, increasing the value of the name of the brand, the creation of prices, relations with the public or activities in the sphere of the relationship of the seller to the client.

Pros of branding and viral advertising:

  • advertisement spreads through sharing in between the customers
  • shows the unique difference of the company or the offered products
  • increasing the value of the brand name

SMM and Public Relations

Facebook has become the most popular social site in the Czech Republic, every third citizen has their own profile there. Unlike other websites, people also spend an unbelievable amount of time here. And it’s not only the youth, almost 60% of the Czechs on Facebook are older than 24 years. We will help you with the communication on social networks.
Take full advantage of the potential of social site and let us help you how to effectively use social networks for your business.

Pros of marketing on social networks:

  • constant contact with your customers
  • straight increase of visit rates
  • improving the position in search engine results
  • feedback from the customers, organizing studies and polls

Promotional campaign on the internet

It is a representative, informative, promotional or advertising projects, which have set a goal to gain and keep customers and their goodwill. The main foundation of the promotional campaign is to raise awareness of the product or service by being more visible and attractive to the clients. It also promotes the sales itself, the prestige and awareness of the particular product or service.

Pros of promotional pampaign on the internet:

  • a promotional campaign represents your products in the best possible way
  • effective advertising campaign on social networks can bring new customers
  • e-mail newsletter will remind standing customers of the existence of your company
  • our prepared promotional materials will leave a better impression of the product

Marketing outsourcing

It is great to turn to marketing outsourcing, when it is more convenient to deal with marketing issues with the help of professional and specialized companies. In the end the company will only pay for the solved marketing problems and doesn’t have to worry about looking for a competent employee, training, wage payments and other benefits etc.

Pros of outsourcing:

  • there is no need to train employees, you work with professionals
  • the company will take care of the whole web site, advertisement and the backing of your company
  • smaller costs
  • only paying for the marketing projects
  • help in the area of marketing available anytime

Blogging and media

The media is a real weapon in the hands of a professional, when you want to draw attention to your company. If you need to build a position of your web site in media from zero, or you want to get to sites with certain publications with your interview or professional commentary, or you want to increase the awareness of your company and your products, we will do what’s in our full power to successfuly achieve your goals.

Pros of working with bloggers:

  • working with awareness
  • the ability to attend to a target group
  • improving the ranking in search engines thanks to the reliability of the blog
  • quality overview of the product/service/activity

Creating a commercial offer

Commercial offer for a client- is a document which shouldn’t be missing in any company. The offer is specialized for informing potential clients about the benefits and characteristics of your product or services.

Pros of creating a commercial offer:

  • presents benefits of buying a product/service
  • can be sent by e-mail
  • highlights the uniqueness of your company on the market
  • eliminates the issues of the clients, which are stopping them from deciding to buy

Training employees and one-time consultations

Do you have a new web site, and interesting offer of products but a small income? That is the most common problem of begining e-shops and websites. Come to us, we know how it works on the internet and we would love to tell you.

Our consulting is great for companies with their own marketing employee and for businessmen, which are saving every penny and would rather invest time in their business over money.

We will train you in the areas we know very well from everyday experience. We will show you practical information and the new things in internet marketing, same as with needed theory basics.

You can get the first hour consultation completely FREE as a support to your business. We believe that we will manage to persuade you about our long-term benefits.

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